Friday, September 30, 2011

The Ambush Makeover-- thanks for the insult?

During the 10:00 hour of The Today Show, there's a segment where the hosts choose someone out of the crowd outside on the plaza to give them a complete outer-appearance overhaul, known as the Ambush Makeover. 

Here's something I never understood....EVERYONE who is chosen looks absolutely thrilled, most likely because they get to be on TV and get their hair and makeup done for free. But the fact they were chosen in the first place is because they didn't look okay as-is. 
Why aren't they insulted?? I would never want to be the subject of an ambush makeover because it says to me "hey, you're a hot mess and you shouldn't be walking the planet this way, we can fix you right up".

I'm all for fun talk show segments, but maybe the 'subject' of the makeover is really okay with the way they look now. What if they don't want to change their appearance? Do they really need to have a "beauty expert" who has obviously had his cheeks done tell them that they aren't looking their best?
I'm pretty sure they know it...maybe?

We already have body image issues, wardrobe malfunctions, and general beauty insecurity to deal with in our everyday lives so who's to say what "pretty" is? 
All the subjects of the makeover are always very happy with their new looks and I think it's wonderful to give someone a chance to see what makeup can do.

But why the heck are they so happy being chosen in the first place??

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