Saturday, September 24, 2011

And the bickering continues

Nothing says brotherly love like Clifford telling me, in no uncertain terms, that he would like Alexander to suddenly disappear. They seem to be at the age now when getting along peacefully is not nearly as desirable as a nice slap across the face or punch to the arm. They fight over what show to watch, what snacks to eat, what games to play, what the weather is like....bicker, bicker, bicker. Have you ever seen those chickens that can't be in the same pen together without pecking each others' eyes out? Yep, that basically describes my children.

I suppose I should add "Referee" to my extensive list of qualifications. 

It's a challenge, and anyone who has children embroiled in daily episodes of sibling rivalry would surely agree. But the worst part of this never ending challenge is when you're in the midst of breaking up the 74th argument of the day and one of your 9-year-olds blurts out "HE'S ANTAGONIZING MEEEEE!!!", displaying the vocabulary of a near-adult. In that case there's nothing left to say but "KNOCK IT OFF!!" 

Kids-1, Mom- 0 

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