Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And off we go...the dreaded food challenge

After yesterday's insanely long post about my kids and their allergies, I was able to finally get the results of their latest Rast (blood) tests. Turns out we get to play allergy roulette with Alexander. Or, thanks to a good friend at work, we can now commence with the aptly named "Operation: Deep Sea".

Alexander has managed to almost completely grow out of his fish/seafood allergies. Good news for him! However, now I have to test it out on him. Hopefully Operation: Deep Sea won't become Operation: Deep Six.

Here's how it goes- I give him salmon in 20 minute intervals. If he lives, then I move on to tuna, also to be given in 20 minute intervals. The final test is codfish.
If everything goes well then we can officially consider him fish/seafood allergy FREE! (We hope)

Of course I can't breathe a word of this to him because he'll be all suspicious of me when I'm trying to sneak salmon into something he's already eating without him knowing. If I tell him anything he'll freak out. The same way he freaked out when it was time for the peanut food challenge 2 years ago. He accused me of trying to kill him.

Next step: search for "how to hide salmon in your kid's meals" recipes.
All suggestions welcome.

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