Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'm not sure why I agreed to this

Yesterday we decided to go into DC for Nickelodeon's Worldwide Day of Play. Probably the worst decision. Ever

Error in judgement #1- We drove. 
Richard wanted to drive, I wanted to take a cab, Richard won. 
It was insanity. I don't even understand how they actually fit that many people in one place. So after an hour of listening to Richard almost lose his mind and after parking several blocks away, we were finally headed to the event.

Error in judgement #2- Not going until 3 hours after it began.
By the time we got there all the water and food was long gone. The only thing that remained were bottles of Diet Coke. Surprisingly poor planning on the part of the event coordinators considering there were still 3 hours left. 
So the kids got a treat....and the caffeine made them nutty. Which in turn made Richard a joy to be around.

Error in judgement #3- Going in the first place.
It was hot, it was muddy thanks to all the rain we've gotten, and it was crowded with crazy people. People who seemed to have no concept of personal space. Maybe I'm just getting too old for this? I used to have no problem with crowds, now I don't want anyone near me. I sound like a crabby old man.

Even the kids were getting snarky. Alexander started making comments about being "claustrophobic" and Clifford was pouting about being too short to see the event stage so it was time to get Well as fast as the insanely dense crowd would allow. 

So we headed for the a nice quiet pizza place, where the nuttiness continued thanks to the Diet Coke.
Just about the most exhausting 3 hours of my day...and I didn't really even do anything. 

old, old, old

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