Thursday, September 22, 2011

Operation: MuffinTop, and other questionable decisions

Ahh, freedom. Freedom of choice, freedom of speech, and freedom from your kids for 10 whole weeks. That’s what I was so fortunate to experience this past summer. Although I missed my children dearly, it’s rare that I get a moment to myself, let alone 10 WHOLE WEEKS. My ex husband and I have always lived in different states so when he offered to take the kids for the summer, rather than have them go to summer camp here, I said “sure”. But what I was thinking was “PHEW!”
I needed a break, and Richard and I needed to get away to try to remember why we are in a relationship in the first place.
Fast forward 10 weeks and I am suddenly 10 pounds heavier.
All that freedom to eat out whenever I wanted, freedom I had been without since the kids were born, resulted in my unworn, now ill-fitting favorite jeans lying neatly folded in my closet…mocking me. And I was exhausted! I was so excited for the kids to come home so I had an excuse to NOT go anywhere.
So my latest quest…to rid myself of these 10 horrid pounds. Thus, Operation: MuffinTop.
UPDATE: Day four of my attempt to eliminate sugar, gluten, and dairy from my diet is going well.
I caved and ate pretzels for dinner last night, by the way. Stay tuned.

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