Thursday, September 22, 2011

You know what you can do with that balloon...

So in a few short weeks I will be turning 40. *WHATTT?* That’s just not funny. There’s NO WAY this can be happening. I’m young! I feel like I just got out of college, and sometimes act like it! And I’ve spent the last 9 years making absolutely certain I definitely DO NOT look like a mom. But alas, I am. And I’m about to turn 40.
My parents have both said on separate occasions that they cannot claim ownership of a child who is “my age”. My response? “I have no idea what you’re talking about”. But every time I think about it I get slightly nauseous.
“It’s no big deal”, they say. They being the friends around me, who just so happen to be YOUNGER than me. Just you wait.
I say whatever. I choose to remain AT MOST 28…in my mind. Although, my kids have every intention of divulging my real age every chance they get. To all their friends and their friends’ parents.
Thanks a lot, guys. I plan to tell everyone I know you’re about to turn 10.

A picture I plan to show all future girlfriends

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