Friday, October 28, 2011

All hail the 4th grade violin recital

2 weeks ago the kids came home with permission forms for them to "rent" a violin from school for $5. Apparently you have to play the violin in 4th grade. At least the school still has a music program.

So here I am thinking "I give them a month before one smashes that thing over the other's head" and then I'm on the hook for the $300 per violin replacement charge, which means Christmas is officially cancelled.

But to my surprise, both of the boys have proven themselves to be very serious about their new musical challenge so I wasn't too worried about the *recital* that was planned so early in their musical careers.

What started off as a demonstration of their talents turned into an ear-bleeding experience that only a mother can tolerate....and it wasn't because of my kids. Some of those other kids in the class are NOT cut out for this. Yikes. It was painful but it proved to me that my kids have a great deal of natural talent when it comes to the violin so I may have to push this one along....and try not to end up the obnoxious stage mom.

So now my completely overscheduled children have a new hobby. We'll see how long this lasts past the 4th grade

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