Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Comcast makes me crazy

There's no reason cable should cost THIS much. Our last bill was almost $200 and my OnDemand only works some of the time. Total madness.

Unfortunately the back patio, the only allowable location for a dish, is not Southern facing. See ya later, DirecTV. The neighborhood is not wired for Fios, so we're stuck with evil Comcast. Ugh.

Enough to make me want to spit tacks.

So today I called to see if I could "talk them down" a little using a stern voice and some crafty negotiating skills. (riiiiight). Long story short, I ended up on a call for almost 20 minutes with a personality-free Comcast representative, a call which consisted of almost nothing but silence. Weirdest thing ever.

After all that excitement, 'Personality-Free' came back with an offer to apply a $20 credit to our bill every month for 12 months.

As Megan says, "Better than nuthin". So true.

Here's a tip for y'all...agree to get a call back afterward to take the brief survey. That might improve your chances of getting someone who's willing to work with you, personality or not.

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