Friday, October 21, 2011

Crabby kids, sibling rivalry, and the not-so-glorious holidays

Why is everyone in such a bad mood? The kids are yelling at each other, I'm yelling at them to stop, Richard is yelling at me to stop yelling at them to stop yelling. It's *awesome*.

For the past several years I've noticed that the time between Halloween and a week or so after New Years, we all seem to hate each other. The kids are NUTS and the more activities we jam into this time, the worse it gets.

Halloween usually kicks it off with giant bags of candy guaranteeing a sugar rush through Spring, Fall festivals, plays and recitals and other seasonal parties at school, food comas and house guests at Thanksgiving, the kids' ill-timed birthday 3 days before Christmas, Christmas Day itself, and then New Years Eve......vomit.

It's exhausting and it's no wonder the kids are completely overloaded and cranky, which means Richard and I want to scratch each others' eyes out. That's been the pattern for the past two years anyway.

This year I vowed would be different. Magic wand to make the kids mute? Maybe just inventing a way to teleport myself to Aruba for a few months, they won't miss me (until they get hungry or need money).

Still working on the master plan....suggestions welcome.

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