Monday, October 3, 2011

Energy is wasted on the youth

This weekend was a tough one. It turned sharply colder out, 40 degrees. And for early October in Northern Virginia that's COLD. Especially considering it was 80 about a week ago. No wonder we all get sick every change of season.

The kids unfortunately had a soccer game early Saturday morning. 
Here's the quick math:
Cold + rain + wind + crabby kids = mom wanting to run away. It was miserable. And did I mention it was cold??
Huddled like penguins only their beaks aren't as sharp
That basically set the tone for the rest of the weekend which was not pleasant...for anyone. The kids were bouncing off the walls and Richard and I were nearly dead.

What resulted was a barrage of screaming matches between the kids, feelings of cabin fever on my part, and a great desire to just move myself to an island somewhere...alone. And I wouldn't mind trading places with Demi Moore for a minute, just sayin'.

Back to my real life.....

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