Friday, October 7, 2011

For the last time....GO OUTSIDE!

I just don't get it. It's gorgeous outside. We have a day more beautiful than we've had in what seems like months and the boys want to stay in the house.


They're like indoor cats, so I basically bored them to death.

Me: I'm working so I can't be outside enjoying this amazing day, if you're in the house you can't do anything. Nothing.

Them: There's nothing to doooooo!!!

Me: Too bad.

They finally got sick of it after a couple of hours and left. Amen.

To quote the great Steve Martin in 'Parenthood'-- "My whole life is 'have to'".  Well said.

I don't usually get to do things I actually want to do anymore.
When I was a kid I would leave the house in the morning (because I wanted to) and my mother would have to come looking for me at dinner time (because she had to). I suppose with today's technology and constant entertainment it's not as exciting to go play kickball until you drop. It's a shame really.

And I ran out of wine.....bah. I don't even want to go get more.
I believe I'll be outsourcing that one to Richard. :)

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