Monday, October 10, 2011

We started the day with Top Gun

I'm not exactly sure why boys are wired the way they are. I've raised my boys almost exclusively on my own, yet they still thinks farts are funny. I didn't teach them that....

So this morning as I was getting ready for work the kids were in the other room watching Top Gun. All I could hear was the endless chatter of the kids and the roar of fighter jets...and then I hear this:

Alexander: "Clifford! It's time! It's the big battle over the sea, it's not a training exercise, I repeat, it's not a training exercise!!"

Clifford: "You mean the one with the real rocket launchers??"

Ummm, what??

I've noticed over the past few months both boys have become more and more interested in things such as fighter jets and rocket launchers. They even bring home library books to study up. But my question is....did they just come out of the box pre-wired for this stuff?? I'd personally like to re-wire the parts of their brains that have them thinking farts are funny, but that may be a losing battle.
Especially considering my 32-year-old brother still thinks farts are funny.

Kids and farts- 2, Mom- 0

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