Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ghosts, goblins, and whatever that thing is

We managed to survive Halloween. And this year, it seemed to be a little less dramatic than in years past. As usual, the kids chose costumes that embody some sort of commando something-or-other (to the tune of $70) and last year's candy bags were still intact, so off we went into the dark with the goal of ridding the neighborhood of as much candy as possible. 


Our trip around the neighborhood can only be described as bananas as the kids, and two of their like-minded friends, bounced from house to house and street to street, and in no particular order. Richard and I tried to get them to stay together and not to skip houses saying "you're missing out on candy". But they were undeterred. Madness was apparently a necessary part of the evening.

About an hour into the bananas trip, Clifford, who had been eating almost as much candy as he was able to collect, wasn't feeling so well (shocker). He was dragging around, asking me to hold his candy bag, and being unusually whiney. 

IT'S HALLOWEEN!! What kid wants to go home when there's candy to be snagged?? And NO I won't hold your candy bag. My days as a pack mule are over, little man.

The timing turned out to be good as we suddenly seemed to be the only people still out which took us from Halloween Trick-Or-Treaters to creepy door to door solicitors in bad disguises. It was time to wrap it up.

Once home, we were surprised to see the bowl of candy I left on the porch for the passers by STILL HAD CANDY IN IT....Maybe it was the sign the kids left on the door...

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