Monday, November 7, 2011

The goal: to make Mom lose it

Yesterday was the Fall season's LAST soccer game (hallelujah). We don't normally have games on Sunday afternoons, but this was a rain makeup game and it couldn't have been worse timing. It's not easy to drag two tired, crabby kids out of the house for a 4:00 Sunday afternoon soccer game when we just had a daylight savings time change, oh, and it's COLD.

Needless to say, Alexander threw an award-winning tantrum. You may think that kids who are about to turn 10 years old should be beyond the tantrum age, but when dealing with a child with ADHD anything goes.

And he went my response was to basically lose it. Alexander got his wish.

Clifford was very compliant, probably because he actually likes playing soccer, and was sitting peacefully in the car waiting out the nonsense that was going on in the house.

My solution to it all? Grab the kid and all the equipment and throw him as-is in the back of the car. TAKE THAT, CRABBY KID!

He calmed down during the 25 minute drive to the soccer field and I actually received an unsolicited apology from him for his behavior. And that's something that's as rare as me having a good hair day in 100 degree weather.

Nothing makes you feel old and exhausted quite like battling it out with a 10 year old, except maybe finding a weird hair growing out of your chin....which is exactly what I found a few minutes later when I was parking the car.

One foot in the grave......

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