Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The holidays are here, so the toys must go

Richard's parents are coming for the Thanksgiving holiday....and they'll be here for a week.
Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE Richard's family, and I'm pretty sure they like me better than they like him, but I'm nervous. This will be the first time anyone has come to stay for an extended period of time, except my mother and she's so low maintenance, I hardly know she's in the house.

So in preparation, I insisted the boys go through all the junk that's in the basement rec room and decide what to keep, and what to donate. Not so easy for two ADHD children who have issues letting things go.

This past Saturday was the big day. I dragged the two of them down there, dumped everything on the floor, and started going through it all. Clifford immediately organized a protest and insisted that everything should be kept because ALL of it was played with on a regular basis. (Not true in the least). So I had to banish him to the living room due to impartiality.

Alexander hung in there and was quite helpful....for about 10 minutes, then he sort of drifted out of the room leaving the rest of the job to me. Story of my life.

About an hour later I had 4 large bags of stuff that was donation-worthy. I shoved it all in the trunk of the car, ushered the kids into the back seat, and said "Okay, it's time to go be charitable...whether you like it or not".
That was met with a few grinchy responses, but off we went.

Toys donated- CHECK
Kids all crabby about it- CHECK
Mom on the verge- CHECK

The bad news: Goodwill no longer accepts "small pieces" so now I have a trunk full of matchbox cars.


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