Thursday, December 15, 2011

People are out of their damn minds

Maybe it's me, but driving around this place has quickly become a total nightmare. The highways are constantly under construction, traffic is horrendous, and people are mean. Just driving down the Beltway in the middle of the day is about as safe as skydiving with a parachute packed by one of your kids. All while smokin' a cig and sippin' on lighter fluid. Those of you from the DC area know exactly what I'm talking about.

This has been a major source of stress for me for some time now. As I'm getting in the car in the morning before work, I find myself literally preparing to do battle with the idiots. People are so unapologetic nowadays and they seem to have forgotten that a simple wave of the hand- right after they've so rudely cut me off on the highway- makes a big difference. I feel TERRIBLE if I inadvertently cut in front of someone in the car, or any line I happen to be standing it. It's common courtesy to be apologetic and make it right! People don't. Because they're idiots.

Since all civility has apparently gone out the window, I've been looking at ways to stay sane since I have to share a space with these morons. My cousin Leigh suggested listening to books in the car. "That's the only way to quiet the rage", she says. She should know, her commute is way worse than mine. I should probably go with the books since I could get a lot of listening in during the hour it takes me to drive the 18 crappy miles between home and work. Until now, I've just been shouting obscenities at the idiots. Somehow that makes me feel better.

I need to get massages on a regular basis.

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