Wednesday, December 28, 2011

This Christmas crap needs to go

I never understood why people would put up their Christmas trees in November and not take them down until practically Spring. I suppose some need to feel the Christmas spirit for as long as possible, but I can't handle the crap that ends up everywhere. It drives me bananas.

Now not only am I having to sit in the house with two very hyperactive, not-in-school children and expected to maintain my sanity, there's crap everywhere. There are parts of toy science experiment sets all over my livingroom carpet and the kids take particular joy in spreading these little pieces throughout the house never to be seen again. That is until I step on one a month from now and it goes through my foot.

Back to the hard as I try, I can't seem to keep it looking nice. I found Clifford under there the other day batting at ornaments like a cat. Considering all the torture the tree endures throughout the holiday, all the fallen ornaments end up hung back up wherever someone puts them.

Time to go back where you came from

If I can manage to survive the next few days with these kids, my ex's mother will be taking them for a few days so I can officially take leave of my faculties and drive up to New York with Richard for the New Year.

When we get back...the tree.

And I just used my last coffee filter.

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