Monday, January 30, 2012

Apparently eating Comet won't kill you

It's time once again for another installment in the Flashback Series!

Time: Some time during 2004
Place: Salt Lake City, Utah
Kids: Aged 2-ish
Challenge: Internal cleansing (aka: Call to Poison Control...#1)

I love it when you get little magnets and such from your kids' day care. They always have very useful information that you're never quite sure when you'll need. Personal fave? Mr. Yuck. And here's why....

Considering the kids were very adventurous toddlers and willing to get into any and everything they could reach, I was always careful to put things up on high shelves. I'm not exactly sure how it happened but Clifford managed to get his little paws on a canister of Comet cleanser with Bleach.

The day this happened, I found the little man sitting in his play room, on the bean bag (just like when he was painted by his brother), smelling like a freshly cleaned bathroom. Once I got a good look at him, and a good whiff, I spotted the Comet.

Here comes another stroke.

Nothing makes you feel more like a crappy mom than having to call Poison Control to ask if the Comet your kid just ate is going to kill him. Turns out there's nothing in it that's toxic. No wonder it doesn't really clean all that well. And now there are whole television shows dedicated to people who eat things like this...for fun. Too bad they weren't on back in 2004, that could have saved me the call of shame.

The Poison Control guy told me that it won't kill him, but he will likely have an upset stomach for some time. Did he? No. The kid never even skipped a beat, just went back to being his usual toddler self.

To this day I still can't figure out how Clifford got his hands on the Comet. Then again, most baby-proofing items on the market today were invented because of devious little kids like him. Let's hope he uses his powers for good and not evil. Prison doesn't look like a nice place.


  1. Thank the Lord for this post! Apparently I had left the comet somewhere my one year old who is fast turning into a pro climber could figure a way to get it while I ran to answer the phone. Came back to a mountain of comet on the floor but no evidence of ingestion... But still... Called poison control and was told the same thing... Thought the gentleman must have been off his rocker and was about ready to pack up the kids and head out for the 40 minute trek to the hospital when I saw this. I feel more secure that I didn't talk to a crazy seeing as you were told the same from someone else! Blessings!

  2. Yes I also second the thanking of the powers that be for this post! My daughter found the comet and tried to clean the bathroom and our bedroom. Husband panicked and I had a panic attack. Good to know she'll make it another year with us as her parents. oy vey.

  3. my twins are 18 months old - yesterday I got them up as per usual & right when I walked in baby # 2's room I could smell & see throw up along with a load of diarrhea, it was everywhere!! it also had THICK chunks of white stuff that my mother & I thought could be baby powder or curdled milk,I assumed he had caught the flue, laid him down for a nap same thing - I go in & its a total mess again ( not fun 4 mommy ) today was better but I can see hes still very more throw up just the diarrhea still- well just now I walked into the master bathroom to find COMET all over the floor, so I ask my husband what happened - all he said was for me to ask my boys!!??? IMMIDIATLY I connected the throw up & poops to this event! I can not believe my husband did not tell me they got into a toxic poison !! he's going to need a "call for help" here in a minute!! WHY didn't he bother to me!! I am so upset! that's how I found this page. I am getting him ready to take to the E.R. because he is / WAS so SICK! this tells me from your page & others that he must have gotten into a very large amount of it.. I'm so scared - please say a prayer for him.
    I just want other moms to know it can still be very harmful - I'm glad nothing happened to your son, praise the lord.. but mine is not fairing so well as of now. I hope this helps others out here - remember my mom mentioned to me it looked like a powder in the vomit, thick & white. I should have known something was very wrong I feel like the WORST PARENT EVER!! it was way to thick to be milk ): my poor baby
    PLEASE MOMMIES always be on the safe side & just TAKE YOUR LITTLE ONE IN TO A DOCTOR.. something I should have done RIGHT AWAY!! I'm tossing that crap in trash !! never again!!
    Sincerely , concerned mommy

  4. I have anemia and am craving comet.

  5. Thanks I guess for this... I ate a lot of comet as a suicide attempt. Now after an hour of nothingness I guess the bottle is completely wrong about comet's "harmful effects". At least I know now that nothing is going to happen

    1. I hope you're ok, whoever you are. Please know that you don't have to do this alone. Please please please call the suicide hotline. There are so many people who would be able to help you. You don't have to feel alone.

  6. I have ate comet since I was 3. I eat it everyday. It's strange, I love the smell and the texture. I'm 41 now. When I was pregnant, I wouldn't swallow it, I'd just chew it up and spit it in the sink. My teeth are very white and I've never had a cavity. I've told my doctor several times about how I crave it. I told my dentist that I brush my teeth with comet, he says that's why I have never had a cavity. Idk what drives me to want it but I always have. My grandmother would hide the comet and either I would find it or add one to the shopping cart. Back then it was 46 cent a can lol... Today I have to waste an entire dollar. 1 can usually lasts me 6 months. Unless my husband is brushing with it too, he does it because he likes how white it leaves his teeth. I've tried brushing with activated charcoal but it's way too gritty and it puts a black mess on everything.
    Idk why I love comet so much but I thought I would share. It has never made me sick