Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ding dong....they're finally back in school!

I can finally reclaim my house. The tree and all the rest of its "friends" have been properly stored away, the house has been cleaned, and the kids have gone back to school! Can I get an amen??

This holiday went by really fast...but not fast enough to keep my house from suffering the trauma of two very bored 10 year olds. They drove me bananas, and I'm certain I drove them equally as nutty. I managed to have them in my house, as well as the houses of family members, for weeks and no one killed them with a treenut. It's the little things.

So now we're on to the cold, cold winter. The first day back to reality and we awoke to bitter temps outside. Hoping the pipes don't burst, that would be fun.

Speaking of winter misery, I'm glad now that I have my Verilux Happy Light to maintain a reasonable mood at work. Best gift-with-purchase ever. Of course all my coworkers hate it and give me endless crap for it...and have even resorted to hiding it from me. They'll thank me one day when they're also happy. Bitter Betties. But more on that later.

I'll also have to save New Year's resolutions for a later post...still working on those. Note: they will definitely include eating better and working out on the reg (per usual). Short term goals, everybody, short term goals!

For now I'm enjoying the silence.

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  1. Back to school is a great day. The kids have had a tad too much together time!