Friday, January 20, 2012

Don't like the rules? Just run away from home

Clifford is moving out. He's had it with all the rules around here. My response? I'll lend you a suitcase.

Last night he threw an epic meltdown because I gave him a gentle warning that he was almost out of clean clothing and he will be doing laundry this weekend. After all, I'm still on strike.

After the dust settled a bit, a new rule was thrown into the ring.

Richard: You can't play any video games unless you're wearing clean clothes.
Clifford: That's the dumbest rule ever! I'm not gonna live here anymore!
Richard: Need a suitcase?
Clifford: Fine! I'm running away from home. Probably tomorrow.

Keep in mind that no more than 3 hours earlier, he tried to run away from home when I told him he couldn't play on the computer and I made him do his homework instead. I just said "okay, good luck. I'll be upstairs working out".
He got to the porch, stood there for about 3 minutes, came back inside.

Advice from Megan, "if you're gonna run away, do it in summer".
That's good advice, Clifford.

As of this morning, Clifford is still living in the house. He hasn't packed his suitcase, just went out the door to school asking if I would be the one picking him up tonight.


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