Friday, January 13, 2012

It's homework, not waterboarding

What is it about homework and kids? Some days it's no problem to get them to sit down quietly and be cooperative little "angels", and other times (last night) it's a shitshow.

There was a school thing last night so the 4 of us were over there until about 7 PM, and I had a feeling that the kids hadn't done their homework in the after-school program like I ask them to do every day. I'm a slave-driver, I know. So I half-expected a challenge getting them to sit down and do it without a fight.

Little did I know Richard and I would get a level 15 meltdown from each of the kids on separate occasions between the hours of 7 and 9 PM. Not exactly the best time for any of us. The witching hour.

Richard was three seconds from an aneurism so he finally retreated to the bedroom to hide after managing to talk Clifford off the ledge and get him working on his hurricane drawing.

I stayed behind to take more shrapnel and help Alexander with his math. Not exactly my strongest subject.

But all this parenting "success" wasn't achieved without having to deal with the "you're torturing me" tantrums, which I just don't understand. They work harder at trying to get out of doing homework than they do at the actual homework, which always takes a fraction of the time in the end. Does being 10 years old mean you're required to spearhead an independence revolution and anyone over 4' 3" is NOT to be trusted?

I'm gonna die early because of all this stress. Who's gonna help you with your math then??

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