Sunday, January 8, 2012

The laundry fairy is officially ON STRIKE!

We've been lucky with the weather lately. Instead of the usual 30+ degrees we often see in January, it's been hovering in the 60's. That's when I say to the kids "GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!" It's a wonderful day to ride that bike Santa brought you.

Today is one of those days. The boys had been doing their best to destroy the house so I stood in the middle of the hallway and shouted "Time to go outside!!!"
After dealing with the usual moans and groans heard from lazy children, I mentioned to the boys they should at least put on some clean shirts. After all, I don't want the neighbors to get all judgey thinking these kids are actually homeless.

I was met with this:

Alexander: "Uggh! Why do I have to put on a clean shirt...there's nothing even CLEAN!!"
Clifford: "C'mon Mommmmmm!!!"
Me: "Are you SERIOUS? That's it! I QUIT!"

What followed was a shameful series of incomplete sentences about how I bust my ass around this house and the only reason these kids even have clean clothes to wear in the first place is because I WASH THEM.

So I've officially gone on strike. I will do nothing other than take the time to teach these ungrateful little monsters how to do their own laundry. And I look forward to the day when they come to me and complain they have nothing to wear because nothing is washed.

Looks like the recently-vacant Laundry Fairy position has yet to be filled. Time to put an ad in the paper, boys!

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