Monday, January 9, 2012

Parenting should require a license

...or at the very least etiquette courses.
Yesterday I decided it would be a good day to escape the terrors in my house and head out to the outlet mall to handle the long-overdue exchange to the Polo store. Seems I'm not a size Small in Polo. A Polo size Small is apparently meant for toddlers, so the tops that Richard so lovingly purchased for me needed to go back. It was late in the afternoon when I finally got there so the crowd was thinning a bit. Perfect time to browse a little to see if there were any suitable replacements for the toddler tops. Luckily, I found a couple of tops that showed promise (almost never happens) so I went to try them on.

The door to the women's fitting room was situated right beyond a hugely overloaded rack of deeply discounted stuff that was being picked through by a woman with her young daughter in tow.  I maneuvered my way around the rack and almost tripped over all the stuff this woman had on the floor of the store, she had clearly been shopping for a while.

And where was this kid while her mom was trying on every...single...blazer, right there at the rack.? She had plopped her little butt right in the doorway to the fitting room guaranteeing that for me to get in there, I would have to step over her head...or ON her head.

So there I stood, holding my stuff with a look on my face like "hey, move your kid so I can try this crap on" when I'm finally noticed by this kid's mom. She looks down and says "ohhh, honey, you're gonna have to move out of the way".

The kid moves exactly 3 centimeters to one direction..STILL in the doorway...and her mom just smiles at me and lets out a little snicker as if to say "hey, what can you do? La la la la la la".

I know what you can do. Reach down and physically move your kid out of the doorway before I step on her head, that's what you can do.

What is wrong with parents?? I have made a point to use little situations such as this where it was MY kid who was in the way to actually say...out loud..."It's not polite to block the entrance to ____. Leave room for people to get by."
Simple right? Apparently not!

I wasn't really in the mood to obnoxiously say "excuuuusssse meeeee" to the kid so her mother could hear and hopefully get the hint that she clearly failed at parenting in this particular instance. I instead too a deep breath and stepped over the kid, making sure I came close to grazing her head with my foot.


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