Friday, January 20, 2012

Update on the little runaway....

So Clifford is apparently still intent on running away. After last night's little episode, he's still not satisfied and is moving out.

Me: Finish your dinner.
Clifford: I don't like it, I want something else.
Me: I'm not a short order cook, you're not getting anything else, and now you can go to bed.
Clifford: I'm leaving....I'm going to get ready right now!
Me: Okay...but hey, there's an ice storm coming so have fun with that!

Clifford took the time to stand on the front porch to feel the air and make an informed decision. The next thing I know he's got 4 books and a stuffed animal for his suitcase.

Alexander chimes in: He's going to Isaiah's house.
Me: You can't go to Isaiah's because I'll call his mom and have her send you home....just sayin'.
Clifford: I'm not going to Isaiah's!
Me: Have fun on the lam, kid.

So after a long lecture from Richard about what it means to be homeless and how Clifford's life is far better, he comes down the stairs and says "I learned my lesson". So now he's playing with his Legos.

The end. Until I make him eat something else he doesn't like.

Not afraid to kick some ass

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