Wednesday, February 8, 2012

And why are boogers on the shower wall???

I would like to trade two healthy, relatively well adjusted, slightly hyperactive, definitely disgusting 10-year-old boys for clean children....Anyone up for a trade??

I don't understand it. I have the pleasure of sharing a bathroom with these disgusting creatures and the other day I found BOOGERS on the tile in the shower. Grossssssssss. Did it just seem like a really convenient place to leave them?? I think I know who the perp is, I just can't prove it. All boogers look alike in this house and the kids will just point the finger at each other like they did when I found the "F**K YOU" on the bathroom mirror. No need for mafia style interrogations when it comes to boogers. Tis a far lesser offense. I'll save my energy.

I'm know full well that this will be the least of my concerns before long (according to my male friends) so to you pervs, I say, for now I will gladly bitch about the boogers on the walls.
Until then....denial, and snot.

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