Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Watch cartoons like a normal kid!

For reasons I am completely unable to articulate, my 10 year old boys have taken a liking to watching shows involving History, our Nation's Armed Forces, and American law enforcement. At first I thought this was good, thinking "hey, my kids are smart enough to care about this stuff".

But what it really equates to is them knowing everything there is to know about Hitler, what bombs can do the most damage, and which gangs are the worst. And they waste no time telling everyone who will listen allllll about it.
They're downstairs watching Cops right now.

What happened to Cartoon Network? I'd almost rather have them watching Family Guy than be able to tell me that the Hilter impersonator in the movie Captain America "doesn't have the right mustache".

I have to applaud their willingness to learn everything they can about the world, where we've been and where we are now, but I was almost happier when they spent every waking moment watching iCarly.

Am I raising nerds who plan to join the local police some day? Or budding criminals who will become intimately familiar with the same local police?

I know what some will say (you know who you are), but for now I'll have to concentrate on making sure they don't shoot each others' eyes out with their Nerf guns...and clean boogers off the shower wall.

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