Monday, March 19, 2012

All hail the mighty Ritalin pill

Every now and then I feel guilty about having to give my kids medication for their ADHD...and then I get over it when they come home with their homework finished and no one had to pull me aside to let me know that one of them got caught trying to light a Lego on fire at the after-school program.

Recently, their doctor prescribed a teensy dose of Ritalin to be taken just as school is letting out so they can get through the traumatic homework time. Today was day one...MIRACLE.
Sad, I know. Clearly they really need that medication.

So hopefully this will make the evenings more enjoyable for everyone involved (ME) and I won't have to continue developing my refereeing skills. Fingers crossed.
In fact, they both got to play outside immediately after we got home. They said they needed to "go catch inchworms".

Let's hope those disgusting things don't end up in the washing machine or medicated heads will roll.

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  1. Better living through pharmaceuticals. The motto of Adhd moms everywhere!