Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cruel and unusual

In an attempt to prevent a Defcon 1 (or is it 5?) meltdown Monday morning by springing the new "rules" on the kids, I've been dropping not-so-subtle hints to prepare them for Armageddon.

"You know the cable is being turned off Monday, right? You know you're on your own for school lunches, right? You know you'll have to keep track of your own homework, right?......"

Of course this is just enough to get the kids all fired up and start complaining that they will "die because they won't be fed". So in response, I made them do all their laundry today.


Me: "Hey! At least you're starting with all clean laundry so it will be at least a week before you have to go to school in dirty, wrinkly shirts."


And for that, you get nothing but carrots to chose from when packing your own school lunch.

I assume that the preemptive barking coming from both of them is a good thing, let's me know it's working. Maybe.

So we're preparing for Operation: No More Disrespectful Kids, day 1.
Bloodshed is a distinct possibility.

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