Monday, March 12, 2012

The "good" kids showed up again

This kid experiment is not without its surprises. After Friday's little trip into the firey depths of Hell where the kids played the part of the Devil so perfectly, Saturday seemed to look up, and yesterday was even better. They were both outside most of the day terrorizing the neighborhood.

Better the neighborhood than me.

But being the wise, trap-avoiding Mom that I am, I KNEW the end was likely near. After all, we lost an hour over the weekend which is basically license for the kids to go crazy for at least a week.

Shock of all shocks....they were little angels this morning. No fighting, no arguing, they followed directions, and got to the bus stop on time....


Obviously I'm not planning to put all my eggs in this basket lest I end up in the trap again...and this time I've stocked up on wine, just in case. I'm no fool.

The new reign continues....we're still trying to decide if it's us or the kids who are really in charge.

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  1. Hi Andrea- love your blog! Patty told me about it- I actually remember meeting you when your boys were babies at a choir picnic in Virginia- I think we moved back to Ireland soon after. Anyway, my blog is in case you want to take a look. I look forward to following yours! All the best and thank God for wine....