Friday, March 23, 2012

My kid plays the cello?

Apparently, when I wasn't looking, Clifford decided he was going to master the cello at school. So much so that he was actually invited to play with the 5th graders in the Advanced Strings Ensemble this morning at school.


He's the teeny one behind the giant cello

I'm not certain when all this happened, but he seemed to take his part in it all very seriously. It was worth ditching my conference call so I could see it.
Little talented booger.

And then there's Alexander. While Clifford seems to be my stage kid, the one who is relatively fearless and enjoys performing, Alexander would rather hide in the bathroom.
However, on this particular day, he was very brave and took his role in the dramatic portrayal of Brown vs. The Board of Education a little too seriously. Good job! I'm not sure I foresee a future in the dramatic arts, but he remembered his lines and I could actually hear him this time.

He looks so angry

There go my hopes of them being the next twins discovered by the Disney Channel.

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