Monday, March 5, 2012

Now they want to move out

Should I let them? Maybe.

After picking the kids up from school in the evening there is usually a small window of time where I have the chance to shove a snack in them and get them started on their homework before the big meltdowns occur...and that moment is almost immediately after walking through the door. I will still have laptop and purse in hand, coat on, and they've been bitching at me about "starving to death" since we got in the car.

Today was no different...but since the new rules are in effect, instead of standing over them holding them down with one hand so they don't pop up from their chairs and guiding them through their math with the other, I simply said "sit down and do your homework, I'm going upstairs."

And upstairs I went. So there.

They say that when you make a change in the house to hopefully redirect an otherwise nasty kid it almost ALWAYS gets worse before it gets better if it's actually working. And it has gotten worse.

Kids: "We can't live like this! Why don't you want to do stuff for us anymore?? We're moving out later tonight! I don't want to be on my own!!"

Yet you're moving out later? Sure.

...oh now I hear the Dustbuster.

Cross your fingers, people. I found a new gray hair today and I'm pretty sure these kids are the reason for it. 

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