Monday, March 5, 2012

Operation: Tough Love, Day 1- Not a complete failure

So here we are, day 1 of the new household regime, one without me or Richard pushing the kids from room to room in the morning so they don't screw up their routine and end up missing the bus (again).

The result? Not a total disaster. Maybe because they knew it was coming? Who knows. But the day started like any other. Richard woke them up and said "okay, you're up, now you're on your own".

Alexander got himself dressed, came to me for outfit approval, and went downstairs to feed himself. Clifford rolled around in his bed for another 30 minutes complaining about not being "able to move" and even went so far as to roll onto the floor and start hollering in that whiny "I'm not really hurt but I want attention" voice.
My response from the other room: "Sorry you fell, get dressed and go eat."

He finally fell in line, but not before I got up and walked right past his room to go downstairs only to hear, while he was still on the floor, "Whatttt?? You just walk by and not help meeee???"
That's right.

He eventually wandered down to the kitchen to get my approval of his outfit (which I don't require, for some reason they just ask me for it) and he was wearing a navy blue long-sleeved shirt and faded black sweatpants that were clearly last year's size.

Clifford: "I'm wearing this, I like it and it's comfortable, do you like it?"
Me: "Love it"

Throughout this little morning process all either kid seemed to be concerned with was whether the cable still worked, since it was to disappear because they weren't paying for that little luxury. Richard had quickly pulled a few cables from behind the TV and of course those little nerds found a way around it. "The OnDemand still works woo hoo!"

Yeah, It'll be unplugged completely tonight, don't get excited.

It was touch and go when it started to get closer to when the kids needed to leave to catch the bus. I threw out a couple of warnings to watch the clock since, after all, it would be a much bigger pain if I had to add driving the kids to school into my schedule. Selfish, I know.
Shockingly they made it on time and even had their teeth brushed. Hooray for small miracles.

Maybe they'll actually get the hang of this it will become the new "normal". Maybe I'm insane. Both are possible, but there was far less boo hooing and yelling this morning and I believe it was because Richard and I both decided we didn't give a crap anymore.

Complacency has it's benefits. On to day 2.

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