Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Operation: Tough Love, Day 2- *SIGH*

"I will wipe the floor with your scrawny ass."

At least that's what I was saying to myself when Alexander decided to be a complete turd this morning. Of course he didn't finish all of his homework last night, clearly due to the stress of all the new rules, and had to get up early to get it done before school. So he was a complete joy when we woke him up. JOY.

He gave us about as much trouble as he possibly could, probably just because he didn't want to finish that homework, which took him all of 5 minutes by the way. Ugh.

Both boys were just fine as they left for the bus, but as soon as I picked them up this afternoon for a doctors appointment, it was the crap show all over again.

"I'm hungry...can we go to Chick-fil-A after?...I'm bored...how long will the appointment take?...Do we really have to go?... blah blah blahhhhhhhhh...."

Kill me

The appointment went off the rails almost as soon as it began and I just sat back and let both kids make complete fools of themselves.
Internal dialogue: "It gets worse before it gets better, it gets worse before it gets better. And if it doesn't, sell them on the open market."

The kids' pediatrician has the patience of a saint. I guess you have to to actually be a pediatrician, so his response to all of this was simply "oh, they're fun aren't they?"
Yeah, they sure are. Vomit.

This evening hasn't gone exactly beautifully, but we're almost through Day 2. Tempers are flaring, attitudes are bitchy, and I just want to go to sleep so I can be done with this day.

Is 6:30 too early to go to sleep?

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