Saturday, March 10, 2012

Operation: Tough Love, Day 6-ish- "I will not fight with my mom"

Turns out there's wine in the trap. 

After an otherwise lovely day (day 4) the kids went crazy and Day 5 turned into a WWE Smackdown. 

6AM- kids woke up embroiled in a full-on death match with each other. All that was missing was the ring and the 'ding-ding'. It's a good way to start the day, if you're equally insane, which I'm dangerously close to right now. 

The day ended the same way it began with the kids in school in between. There was screaming and crying and lots and lots of mouthing off. It was then that the trap ran out of wine. 

The rules are still the same...they can basically do nothing but read books and ponder their existence in this world, so I can only attribute the sudden degradation of civility to that solar flare storm we supposedly just experienced. 

So to properly reward all the shenanigans, the kids had to write, 100 times each, "I will not fight with my mom" Bart Simpson style. This isn't the first time sentences have been shamefully written, and I doubt it will be the last. 

He got a C in handwriting

So I'm on the lookout for the next trap, and this time I'll be sure to stock up on the wine for my own safety. To be continued.....

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