Friday, April 27, 2012

Even if it doesn't have wings, I bet they could still make it fly

I've had so much present drama going on lately that I didn't realize how much time had gone by since I babbled on and on about the past...time for another entry in the FLASHBACK SERIES (applause, applause)

Time: 2006-ish
Place: Virginia

Kids: Pre-school
Challenge: Not destroying the new house (yet)

There was a time, when the kids were around 4 years old, where life was pretty smooth. The kids were relatively low maintenance and we had a good routine going. We had just moved into a brand new townhouse, one of those great rental finds with upgraded appliances and hardwood floors that you can't believe you got for such a steal (owners must have been nuts) but you didn't question it because it was awesome.

And for us, just like pretty much everyone else, moving absolutely sucked. So we still had stuff in boxes here and there, especially in the kids' rooms. Stuff I just couldn't find the time or energy to put away, a decision I'd soon regret.

One quiet Saturday morning, I heard a little bit of commotion, but nothing alarming so I ignored it. The kids were generally great about getting up at the crack of dawn and going down to the kitchen to grab some cereal.

Like I said, low maintenance.

This particular Saturday was like all the others, except when I decided to go see what the commotion was all about, I found that the two of them had opened Clifford's 3rd story bedroom window, pushed the screen out, and were methodically throwing everything within reach out onto the ground below. Sippy cups, hangers, little pants, toys, anything you would find in a kid's room, and everything in those boxes I had yet to unpack. I'm really lucky they didn't decide to throw each other out as well. They thought it was great fun, I was on the verge of a meltdown of epic proportions.

After locking the kids in a room where there couldn't do any more damage, I ventured outside to gather what can only be describe as a yard sale sized collection of belongings strewn across the yard, into the neighbor's yard, and further into the common area of the complex. It was mortifying. "Don't mind me, just picking up all the crap my kids decided to pitch out the window at 7am".

Later on that afternoon I had a small pile of clothing and a sippy cup sitting on my porch, no doubt brought over from the neighbor 7 houses away after they found it in their yard. Of course they knew exactly where it came from, we tend to get noticed. Welcome to the neighborhood.

At least it wasn't raining and no one lost a limb.  

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