Friday, April 6, 2012

Get your obnoxious kid away from me

Despite the handful that my rowdy children are on a regular basis, they've always been good fliers. Rarely have I had to squash a bout of mid-flight sibling rivalry with more than a well timed "shut your mouth". They're pretty well behaved on planes and the people stuck in the air with us have mentioned that to me several times in the past. 

This year during our Spring Break trip, I had the good fortune to be able to leave Utah and fly to Los Angeles for a few days to visit my brother and enjoy some kid-free down time while my mom kept them busy. 

Yesterday's early morning flight to LA was of course packed full of screaming, obnoxious kids and the parents who apparently claimed them.  Two of the little turds happened to be seated two rows behind me and proceeded to sing (very poorly) and just mouth off the entire flight. Not a word from their parents. Little shits. 

Their mom was an average looking woman who just sat there listening to her kids annoy everyone and interjected the occasional "shh", which went ignored. Their dad was a giant man who looked like he could hurt people...not a peep from him. 

The real excitement came when the plane landed and we taxied to the terminal. I could hear one of the crappy loudmouth kids start to get really antsy and loud.  Of course once we were able to finally take our seat belts off, the little fart decided to jam his way through the crowd of people waiting to get off the plane, stopping right next to me saying over and over "move people, move people, move people". Still nothing from his mom other than a whispered "stop it".
Dad? Crickets.  

If I just slap him really quick do you think anyone would notice? A nice backhand to the throat maybe?
.....internal dialogue. 

I don't understand why some parents think it's just okay to let their kids terrorize everyone around them without stepping in. Especially when the 'everyone' is stuck in a small metal tube in the sky with them and can't get away. 

The turd hollered "move people" a few more times and when the crowd finally started moving, he plowed his way through, stepping over (on) roller bags and people just to get to the front of the plane so he could make an escape. When I was able to get to the terminal, he had run over so many people that all he could do was dance around the place and wait for the rest of his family. 

I came really close to grabbing the little shit by the throat and letting him know, in no uncertain terms, that he was a horribly-behaved kid with no manners, pathetic parents, and he would probably end up in prison some day. 

But I decided it would be me who would end up in airport prison for doing that so I just shot him a look and kept walking. 

Parents, I get that you're exhausted and traveling with your kids sucks most of the time. But for the love of God, please don't just sit back pretending they're not yours while they torture the rest of us. It makes you look like idiots. 


  1. You sound full of yourself.

  2. Ignore the idiot. You sound great. Thanks for this.

  3. Yes, ignore the moron. I am so happy that a parent is against other parents being idiots and letting their kid terrorize the public. Thanks for being a good mom, there are few of you out there.