Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Go ahead, yell as loud as you want

As if my children indiscriminately spending all my money wasn't enough...

Alexander has a criminal record in this house. He has a slightly checkered past when it comes to being honest about what homework he has, especially when it stands in the way of spending after-school hours with friends. It seems a bit too easy for him to look me in the face and BS me when I ask him if he's done it all.

So there is very little trust, for good reason.

Although both boys have been a little better about getting all homework done at their after-school program lately, I still interrogate the two of them regularly, much to their dismay. Today I picked them up and got the standard "we did all our homework" almost as soon as I walked through the door.

We'll see about that.

Once in the house there was great dissention when I asked to see evidence of this so-called completed homework. Called that one from the beginning.

After a few not-so-veiled threats I was able to get Clifford to show me he had indeed completed his homework. Done. Alexander on the other hand threw himself on the floor in what could only be an academy award winning dramatic performance boo-hooing about how he "forgot his notebook but he promised promised promised that he really did his assignment".


Drama ensued in the form of Alexander sitting in his room crying his eyes out about not being able to go outside and proclaiming things such as "PARENTS SHOULD TRUST THEIR KIDSSSSS!!!, I HATE MY LIIIIIFFFFE!!!!, I'M MISERABLLLLLLLE!!!" and my personal fave "I DON'T BELONG HERRRRRRRRE!!!!"

Funny, neither do I.

After a few moments of this very dramatic show, he finally calmed down, came downstairs and I proceeded to tell him the story of the boy who cried wolf. One he had heard before but I insisted on retelling.  He said he got it, but I doubt it.

So here he sits in front of me, re-doing his homework and claiming it will be "extra credit" since he did the other assignment "for real".


Well, Alexander, since you don't belong here, maybe you can go out and get a job to pay me back for all the in-app purchases.

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