Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I should have them arrested

After last week's little meltdown over the discovery of the $40 in iTunes in-app purchases, I had the kids do a little labor over the weekend and was making a mental list of other things they could do to make it up to me.

And then yesterday...another iTunes receipt comes through. This one for $30. These kids clearly worked the system and managed to spend a total of $100 on crap for their iPods.

I would like to string you up by your toes!!!!

So Clifford and I had words this morning. Of course he claims to have no clue what I'm talking about and has no idea why I would be concerned. After telling him that he can pay me back with his college fund, I realized these kids have no concept of money and I don't know how to teach a kid that.

Time to start googling stuff. How do you teach a kid that once you push the button someone on the other end (ME) pays for it with REAL money??

iPods have been confiscated until all debts are paid off. Currently taking suggestions on appropriate chores and their dollar value.

I'm pretty sure those iPods will be completely obsolete by the time they get them back since "hey Mom, I cleaned the mess I made in the basement" doesn't really do it.

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