Monday, April 23, 2012

It just makes no sense

Every weekday it's a struggle to get the kids up, ready for school, and shoved out the door in time for the bus.

A typical day goes like this:
Kids' alarm goes off at ignore it. I eventually go in and turn it off and attempt to drag them from their almost-dead slumber. Arguments ensue and, more often than not, one kid slaps the other.
yell, yell, yell......sometimes a little crying. Stress level hits the roof.

What results is two very cranky children who barely make the bus on time and one stressed out Mom who feels like she's already worked an entire day at a nuclear facility before actually leaving for work in the morning.

Needless to say, I was more than looking forward to getting a little extra sleep on Saturday morning.

No lie, at 6am Saturday morning, Clifford LEAPS out of bed and wanders in to ask me if he can go downstairs, with Alexander following him by a whole 5 minutes.

"yes, but go watch tv in the basement so I can't hear it ugggggghhhhhh."


I completely understand the mental difference between getting up on a day you have to go to work or school and a day where your biggest responsibility is walking from the kitchen to the livingroom without falling down, but seriously. I almost want to start keeping them awake on the weekends just so they'll sleep in.

Sunday morning was exactly the same and just like clockwork, I was in their room at 6am this morning when they slept through their alarm.

I can't wait until they're in high school and all they do is sleep. Maybe then I'll get some sleep.

Only 4 more years.

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