Monday, April 2, 2012

Kid For Sale...willing to negotiate

Today marks the first day of Spring Break for the kids. A day that I not-so-silently dread because I get to be in the house all day with the little trolls and they get bored and bored equals meltdowns (for all of us). So today I was fortunate (or not) to be able to work from home while the kids played outside. Every year at this time we make the trek out to Park City to visit my Mom and we don't leave until tomorrow at the crack of dawn. Only one day to suffer through...and there was suffering.

The kids played outside most of the day, which gave me the rare opportunity to do laundry and pack without the house falling down around me. They were in and out throughout the day and at various friends' houses, but I always knew where they where. No big deal.

4:00 rolls around and Clifford makes the grand announcement he's going back out.
Me: "Fine, you can go out but you have soccer practice at 5:30 so I better see you back here in time for that."
Clifford: "Okay, I'll be back in time." (famous last words)

Alexander was already in the house so when it was time, he got dressed for practice and headed down to the field...still no Clifford.

15 minutes later I'm calling the kid's mom he went to visit at 4:00, whose son happens to also be on the soccer dice.

30 minutes later I'm headed to the field...and there he is.


Me: "What the hell are you doing?? I told to to be home in time to change for practice and here you are at practice NOT wearing what you're supposed to be wearing."
Clifford: "I forgot."

You forgot???

How about I "forget" you while I go to Utah for a week tomorrow.


I made sure Alexander was still practicing as expected, throw Clifford in the back of the car like a recently-arrested drug dealer, and carted him home.

Sorry, buddy, but you will NOT be participating in the epic Nerf Gun battle in Carter's back yard later.


I made him take a shower and now he's upstairs boo-hooing.

I'm certain this little episode will go from missing soccer practice to me waiting up for him (while having a stroke) to come home from some party when he's in high school, but for now, I control the Nerf Gun battle privileges.

There's a reason I have to color my hair.

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