Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Now they think I'm moving out. It's kind of awesome

Let the crazy continue...

The kids have this little bad habit of removing the backs of all the TV remotes in the house looking for replacement batteries for their Wii remotes when those batteries die. Drives me completely bananas because they trade out the batteries and don't replace the backs. So not only do I have TV remotes that are no longer operational, they have naked backs. So ghetto.

The other day I noticed that the basement TV remote was the most recent victim. Although when the little twerps realized that it had the wrong size batteries, they just put it down and didn't replace the back. Usually it's sitting right there on the table, but not this time.

Vowing to not have a naked TV remote (again) last night I insisted the kids look for the back and they weren't "allowed to come out of the basement until they found it and if they couldn't find it, they were never ever ever to watch my basement TV ever again".

Protest ensued....as expected.

I actually heard Clifford say "I didn't take it off! So it's not my responsibility."

OHHHH REALLY? (This is where I lose it)

This nonsense, and similar comments, came flying up from the basement until I heard Richard making his way down from the top floor of the house to see what was up. That was the moment I looked at him and said "that's IT! I've had it and I'm moving out, you can have them, I'm DONE %$&@#*!!!!!!!!"

This may require at least one bottle of wine. (I resisted)

After the dust had settled and the back of the remote was actually located, it was time for the kids to go to bed. Having forgotten all about the whole moving out thing, I was tucking them into bed and Alexander said to me "so Mom, you're moving out?"

"I just might be, so watch your butt."

There was fear in his eyes. I win.

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