Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Turns out you CAN take kids into an airport bar

Yesterday was a day wrought with considerable obstacles and stress. Yesterday was also the day we were to head out for our annual Spring Break trek to Park City, Utah to visit my Mom. Coincidence? I think not.

Our flight was scheduled for 7:10 am. So at 4:30, the kids and I made the 45 minute drive to the airport. Traffic was lovely. Of course 4:30 am is the ONLY time traffic is lovely in our area, but that only becomes important later...

It was only after we got to the airport and stood in line for the self check-in kiosks that the real shit went down....a little lovely mother booked these tickets for us so she could use her frequent flier miles. She also took leave of her faculties when doing so and booked my ticket in my maiden name, a name I have not gone by in 11 years. Of course I realized that after the tickets were printing and I had already paid to check the bag.

I asked for help from the random lady behind the counter, who was clearly only capable of printing bag tags and being super judgey, and I was met with "Oh, that's going to be a HUGE problem, you need to go stand in the 'Special Services' line".


Everyone in the Special Services line of course had really complicated issues needing resolution so we stood there, for more than an hour, listening to a poor, crated, not-at-all-ready-to-fly German Shepard bark incessantly. Totally expected that before having any coffee, by the way.

By the time we got to the counter, our plane was leaving. The lady behind THAT counter looked at me and said "we can't do anything, it was customer-booked and unless you have an ID with that name, you can't fly. I can rebook you on the 5:50 pm flight today, you just need to bring documentation proving that was your maiden name".

Really? I suppose this is the new way of flying securely. Pain in the ass, but travel safety is what it is, whether I have to make several trips to airport or not.

Back on the shuttle we go. We pulled the car out of the long term lot and headed home. This time, IN the rush hour traffic I thought we had smartly escaped earlier in the day. Good times.

Extremely long story short, my new friend Tom at the Delta 1-800 number is now the proud owner of at least one of my kids, haven't decided which yet, because he fixed my name. New flight, ready to go. Amen.

1:30 pm....I decided the kids and I should leave ridiculously early for our round two trip to get to the airport since we were doing so in the middle of the day. Good thing I did because as I've always said, it only takes one jackass to ruin the day for everyone else around them. And that one jackass happened to be on the BW Parkway just as I was heading back to the airport for the second time in a day.

For those of you from the DC area, you know what that is. I'll leave it at that.

Strike two on my shitty day.

Bottom line, we got to the airport on time, I didn't have to submit a blood sample to prove I should be on the plane, and we made it Utah by later that night.

Of course I don't blame my Mom for the innocent mistake anyone could have made booking my ticket. She's just not allowed to do it anymore. And just in case, I plan to carry around my college ID. You never know when that thing will come in handy.

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  1. Oh this gave me such a laugh ! Why is it that the most trying days make the funniest posts!?