Thursday, May 17, 2012

And now I'm making eggs

The kids watch way too much TV. They can quote movies and recite commercials with embarrassing accuracy, much like a lot of kids (an adults) I know. And you know who you are....

So it didn't really surprise me when last week Clifford came to me and said "Hey Mom, we have to take the SOLs at school next week so we need to eat eggs for breakfast".

That so?

Usually we're so rushed on weekday mornings I just don't have time (or desire) to actually cook things...on the stove...with heat. The kids eat fruit and toast and easy stuff like that. Most of the time.

Enter the SOLs, and those damn Incredible Edible Egg commercials. The same commercials that would have you believe you could single-handedly build yourself a shopping mall just by eating eggs for breakfast.

Don't get me wrong, I like eggs. My kids like eggs. I don't mind cooking eggs in various forms ON THE WEEKENDS. Not while I'm trying to get ready for work and kick the kids out to the bus stop on time. But I relented.

Egg it is.

Finish your eggs!

Maybe they're right. Maybe eating eggs for breakfast will make them the smartest kids in the whole school and score amazingly high on their SOLs. Maybe it's just a bunch of crap orchestrated by those little turds just to get me to cook eggs on a crazy weekday morning when I'm already running late.

We'll never know.

Although, they scored as high as they possibly could last year and I'm pretty sure there were days they went off to school having eaten nothing but whatever they dug out of the bottoms of their backpacks.

Mother of the year, right here. But I digress.

As long as the SOLs are going on, I've agreed to cook eggs for breakfast in the hopes I have two budding rocket scientists who will invent a cure for all diseases living in my house.

Once those tests are over? Back to whatever they can find in the kitchen and heat up without burning the house down. Mom needs to take a shower.

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