Monday, May 14, 2012

Dear Mom, WE Love You

Nothing says Happy Mother's Day like a good dose of food poisoning.

Clifford, my 'delicate system' child, decided to shake up a perfectly sane weekend with this little curve ball. Like I needed more excitement.

His entire life, he has taken the brunt of every cold, flu, rash, you name it. He and Alexander would get the same cold and Clifford would undoubtedly get sicker. Poor kid got the crap-end of it. So this weekend, Saturday night rolls around and Clifford comes into my bedroom at about 1:15am complaining he can't sleep. Of course that has NEVER been an issue, so I simply asked him to go back to bed.

30 seconds later he's in the bathroom kicking off a vomit-fest that lasted roughly 4 hours.


In between dry-heaves he manages to tell me he ate a hot dog that "didn't really look like a hot dog" at the neighborhood festival earlier that day.

Well that explains it. Jeez.

Alexander apparently ate the same hot dog, but he basically has an iron-clad immune system and slept through the whole episode waking up only to come tell me we were making too much noise. NOTED...SHUT YOUR DOOR. At least it was just one of them who was sick....

Two hours in, Richard took over Vomit Patrol so I could go back to sleep and ended up camping out with Clifford in the living room so he could finish dry-heaving while supervised. It was glorious.

Everyone survived the night...barely.

The next morning, Alexander was up at 6am (of course). And in my haze of exhaustion, I manage to open one eye to see the note he brought me for Mother's Day.

Alexander was covering for Clifford, considering the dry-heaving. Didn't want to waste paper.
Thanks, kids! I'll be sure to stock up on printer paper for next year.

It's the thought that counts, right?

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