Friday, May 18, 2012

How old is too old?

And no, I'm not talking about me wearing a miniskirt (jerks, you know who you are) I'm talking about my 10 1/2 year old kid still having a stuffed animal that he just can't seem to unload.

5 years ago, Richard bought the kids little stuffed dogs during a trip to the H&M in DC and Alexander hasn't put it down since. I should have known this would happen since he also did this as a toddler with a blanket he got as an infant. That thing has crazy holes in it and should probably be preserved. It was a huge deal when he finally let it go. And that only happened because he left it at my Mom's in Utah and she had to ship it back. That little bit of time was enough apparently. No more hole-y blanket permanently attached to Alexander's hand.

Clifford also had the same blue blanket, and the same stuffed dog, but for some reason has never been attached to either. Identical twin wonders never cease.

So to this very day, we have "Puppy". Puppy is a full-fledged member of the family and gets washed periodically, and every time I come across him, I wonder why the hell my kid STILL has a stuffed animal that he must sleep with and take on long trips.

Maybe he'll go to college with him, too.
For his sake, and the sake of all of his future girlfriends, I hope not.

So it begs the old is too old to hang on to something like this? Is it an attachment issue? Am I looking at paying for years of therapy? Maybe.

Richard is insisting on dipping Puppy in bronze when Alexander finally grows out of him, if that ever happens. Regardless, I'm certain he'll be with Alexander forever.

A boy and his dog.

And no, I can't get him a real dog. Cut to me walking that poor thing at 5:30 am in the pouring rain because no one else in the house wants to deal.

No thanks.

For now, we have Puppy. And I'm okay with that.

Puppy, you're bad-ass and we love you

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  1. Yes. He'll go to college. And that's okay. There will probably be LESS therapy that way.
    When my kids develop a lovey, I try to buy a second secret one to switch out when we wash it. That way it doesn't wear as badly. I have the 3 youngest kids' lamb-y baby, giraffy, and a blankey all stashed in my husbands closet and no one is the wiser. The second child slept with a large plastic fisher price school bus that's still fine. The oldest (20 yrs) however is still upset bc her blankey went missing when she was 8 and I didn't have a spare. I'll never make that mistake again...