Thursday, May 24, 2012

How young is too young?

After spending a lot of time thinking about Alexander and Puppy, it dawned on me that I would much rather have a child who hangs onto a stuffed animal far too long than one who is carrying around a functional iPhone at the age of 10.

Seriously? These kids are 10 years old and they have SEVERAL friends who have iPhones and email accounts. Who's emailing them, their grandparents? And these are the same kids who I now have to put their phone numbers into MY iPhone contact list so I know when my kids are calling me from the playground.

This doesn't sound right.

iPhones are expensive pieces of equipment with really expensive service carrier bills behind them. How are these other moms okay with this? I, for one, refuse.

I say the longer kids can just be kids the better. I lived for a very long time without the wonders of modern technology at my fingertips whenever I wanted it. I think it's made us all really impatient, with myself falling into that category, unfortunately.

Having said this, I will NOT be one of those moms who throws her kid an iPhone. Ride your bikes instead, little guys. Maybe go nuts and break out the skateboards. Just don't expect me to buy you a phone when you're only 10. I was in high school before the cell phone was even invented, and in graduate school when the Internet was invented by Al Gore (I love that story) and I'm totally fine!

Old, but fine.

NO, I never actually owned one of these

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