Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sick kids, dinners out, and unexpected phone calls

...and not necessarily in that order.

I was really hoping for a nice, boring Memorial Day weekend. Just some time to putter around the house and take the kids to the pool a few times before every weekend for the next two months is occupied by invitation-only events.

Alas...no dice. I didn't stand a chance.

Friday was relaxing, but that's where it ends.

Saturday was pool day. And pooling we did go. Now everyone has too much sun despite the thorough and frequent application of SPF 70+. Later on, friends came over for a BBQ and a drama-free good time.

Sunday was also quiet. I had dinner plans with girlfriends and Richard was headed out with a friend so the babysitter was called. And I'll bet she regrets THAT one now.

Everything was going juuuust fine. I was enjoying my girly time when 10:30 pm rolled around and I got a phone call....."house phone". Never a good sign at that time of night.

On the other end was Clifford, and in a desperate tone he says "MOM! Alexander is throwing up LIKE CRAZYYYYY....and it really stinks!"

Really? He couldn't do this when we were all just sitting around doing nothing on Friday night?

Fine...so I talked Clifford off the ledge, got more information, came to the conclusion there was a mean-ass stomach bug in the house, and headed home to relieve the poor babysitter who was dealing with the carnage.

Ana-- you're a trooper. Please promise to not be scared away. You're my only hope for sanity......

Once home, I did some serious bleaching and managed to get Alexander to sleep after a few solid heaves.

Richard texted and promised to take the overnight shift. Done and done.

So then we have Monday.

That morning, after confirming Alexander was fully recovered, I noticed that I had a missed call from my landlady, who I adore. The problem is, she NEVER calls so I was instantly a little nervous. Were we too loud out on the patio Saturday night? Nahhh, can't be, despite Richard thinking he's young enough to stay up til 4am and not hate himself the next day.

So I call....the following is what I can remember, it was that traumatic....

Her- "Helloooo! Happy Memorial Day! I wanted to tell you that I was able to get a job in the DC area and we'll be moving back up so I wanted to give you notice."

Me (inside voice)- NOTICE? WHATTT? NOOOOOO!!!!

Me (outside voice)- "Ohhh, wow! That's wonderful! I would appreciate the summer to find a new place to live....."

Her- "Absolutely!"

Me (inside voice)- KILL ME

So now, after a wonderful three years in a house I love, we have to move. Completely unexpected, but understandable as she and her husband have 4 grandchildren here that they deserve to spoil completely rotten, as only grandparents can.

The house-hunting has officially begun. And I'm determined not to rip the kids from the school they love, although they're convinced we're about to become homeless.

I think we'll be okay, kids.

Although my news is very surprising and requires me to tack on a whole-house move to my otherwise packed summer schedule, I can't complain one bit on this Memorial Day. Those who have served and currently serve this country deserve that attention.

Cross your fingers and toes in the hopes that someone in the neighborhood is willing to rent their property to this insane brood.

We could use all the help we can get!

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