Thursday, May 3, 2012

Watch out, mean bus lady, karma will getchya

This morning was not a pleasant one. For whatever reason, and there are usually many, Alexander wouldn't drag his scrawny butt out of bed.

After several warnings from me that he wouldn't have time to eat or make his lunch, he finally managed to get up, get dressed, and scream at me a little before running like his pants were on fire for the bus. Of course as soon as the door shut, I realized he forgot his lunch so I chased him out into the front yard calling him back.

"I'll just go without it! I'm gonna miss the bus! Ahhhh!"

Hell no, he's not going to school without lunch. So I made him come back.

Meanwhile, the bus rounded the corner, but coming toward the house instead of away as it normally does. Alexander starts to freak out a little when he sees this all happening, but instead of passing us by, the bus driver, we'll call her the Really Mean Bus Lady, pulls over to the side, honks, and throws the doors open just in time to hear Alexander holler "it's not my bus!".

Really Mean Bus Lady then SCREAMS at my kid "IT IS TODAY, HURRY UP, GET ON THE BUS!!!"

What the hell? Who screams at a kid like that?

So he complies, the doors slam closed, and she hits the gas just in time to rudely cut off a Metro bus full of Thursday morning commuters. I was sure to throw her some nasty looks as she drove by for yelling at my kid, but I don't think she gave a crap. She had one of those plastic visors on, the kind that go behind your ears, and she had hair all pulled up over it like an amateur tennis player from the early 80s. So she definitely didn't give a crap.

About 30 minutes later I called the school to make sure he got there okay and wasn't eaten alive by Really Mean Bus Lady. He was there, alive.

Fast forward to later in the day when I left to get the kids from their after school program. I was driving behind a school bus, and when it stopped to drop off three miserable middle schoolers, I noticed that it was indeed the same bus driven by Really Mean Bus Lady, plastic visor and all.

I made a point to catch her eye and throw out some more nasty looks. Again, she didn't give a crap.

Beware, Really Mean Bus Lady driving bus #47, all that 'mean' will get you some day.

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