Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's never too early for a career in law enforcement

Maybe THIS will keep him out of jail....right?

A few days ago Alexander made the grand announcement he wanted to become a safety patrol for his 5th grade year. After all, he'll be at the top of the elementary school food chain, might as well.
Our county throws 6th graders into the middle school lion's den so no better chance to take advantage of your senior status....before you're once again considered a bottom-feeder by 7th and 8th graders.

Being the "you can do anything, just stay out of trouble" mom, I absolutely encouraged him and agreed to sign his permission form.

Part of the application process required Alexander to write a paragraph stating exactly why he wanted to become such a prestigious elementary school figure.

ANYTHING can happen here. I will protect you.

Clifford also intended to apply to be a safety patrol but in true Clifford fashion, he turned in his application a day late so he can't start his official safety patrol training until school begins again in September. He's okay with that.

Alexander, on the other hand, has been granted his very important role as elementary school safety patrol, along with the bright yellow safety patrol belt, which he wears continually to let everyone know that he is in fact in charge. (Official badge to be handed out when school starts).

I feel safer.

With great power comes great responsibility (thank you, Peter Parker) and I'm totally using Alexander's new responsibilities as leverage to get him out of bed in the morning...THE PEOPLE NEED YOU! MOVE IT!

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