Monday, June 4, 2012

It's the summer of l'amour

And so begins the wedding season.

I love weddings. It's a great excuse to get dressed up and go be an adult every now and then. This summer, I happen to have FOUR and this past weekend was numero uno.

Let's see how much I can cram into one weekend, shall we?

Friday I drove the kids down to their grandparents', and although they enjoy seeing their grandparents, they knew I was basically shipping them off so I could attend events all weekend. They got over it.

Saturday I had an appointment to see a house, since we now have to move, and then I had a bridal shower, which was lovely but I had to leave early for the wedding (so sorry Nadia, I love you!)

And that kicked off a little bit of drama.....

Not only did we have to get into Georgetown very quickly, but we couldn't get a cab to pick us up on time so we hopped in the car and headed East....only to hit what could easily be described as the worst traffic I've seen on a Saturday in Georgetown. There's no way we were making this wedding. There were expletives involved. Lots of them.

We managed to get a parking spot and, after my worst parking job ever, literally RAN down the very crowded sidewalk, dodging tourists (so sorry! Welcome to our city!) only to find that this glorious wedding happened to coincide with A Taste Of Georgetown, and it was on the same street.

So there we were, sprinting through police barricades and tents, trying not to break a sweat...or fall down...or injure others.

Thankfully, we squeaked into the church with only moments to spare and we didn't make total fools of ourselves (this time). Phew!

The wedding was beautiful and the reception was nothing short of stunning. THIS was the view...

And to prove I didn't just pull that little gem off the Internet, I got one with the bar in it.

If you need me, you can find me here
In the end, it was definitely worth all the running around, expletives, and sore feet to be a part of this wonderful day.

Congratulations Conor and Nicole! You can count on us to come to anything you invite us to. :)

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